Gold Panning


 If you would like to try your hand at gold panning, any of the miners at the Phoenix Mine will be glad to show you how.



 The Phoenix Mine has a stream running right up along  the road. It's a typical Colorado mountain stream in a beautiful setting, which picks up GOLD, up in the mountains, and brings it down where it can be extracted by panning.

Gold panning is a process of separating gold from the sand and gravel that get washed out of the mountains with the gold.

It is fairly easy to do with a little practice because gold is heavier than other sediments in the stream.

Gold Panning requires patience !

You work the pan contents so that the gold settles to the bottom, and wash the lighter stream sediments out of the pan.


First, start with about half a panful of sand and gravel.

Next, submerge the pan and shake it until water runs clear from it.

Pick out any large pebbles and discard them.

Hold the pan partly submerged at an angle, with the bottom crease lowest, and  and agitate the pan to suspend everything in it. Heavier sediments will settle  into the crease.

Slosh the pan around to spill some of the top sediments out.

Repeat the above three steps, for about 10 minutes, until the sand and gravel are mostly washed away, and only a couple of spoonfuls remain  in the crease.

Agitate the pan again, then tilt it the other way, the pile will spill across the bottom, leaving the gold behind.



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