Tour of The Phoenix


The Phoenix mine is operated by the oldest continuous gold mining family in Colorado; owned and operated by Al and Dave Mosch.

It is a working gold mine where miners actually do the work.

After your gold mine tour,

Try some Gold Panning -- take home a little bit of Colorado Gold for yourself.

Panning is included in the cost of the tour and you may keep any gold that you find in the stream while panning.

Want to make a day of it ? Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it by the stream above the mine.


 Check out Some of the visitors who have come to the Phoenix Mine


Dave Mosch, co-owner of the Phoenix Mine, in the Office.


The view from the mine tunnel, looking down the 'Resurrection Drift'.


Come on into the mine, We'll show you around...




This is Al Mosch, co-owner of the Phoenix Mine, with the Lucky Bucket.

Incidentally, Al has provided other services besides being a great tour guide. He has broken the ice between shy people who "didn't know how to get the job done themselves". Several of those couples have come back and gotten married in the mine!

There has also been one funeral in the Phoenix Mine. One tourist's dying wish was to be buried in the mine. (Cigarettes killed him, not the mine). Al Mosch accommodated this wish. The family held a small funeral in the mine. "He doesn't take up much room" says Al.






This is a relatively new section of the mine, where the Resurrection vein (also shown above) was found. It is a very rich gold vein, by mining standards, providing over 2 ounces of gold per ton and frequent small pockets of pure GOLD! 


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Click here for a picture of the first 10 ounces of gold that were mined and processed from the Phoenix Mine.





Speaking of processing, here is the processing room. 


Open 10 am to 6 pm daily


Adults $10.00

Children under 12 $5.00

Panning Only $5.00

Severely Handicapped FREE

American Bureaucrats $100,000.00


Group Tours by Appointment

Winter Tours & Panning - Weather Permitting.

Cameras & Video Recorders are Welcome!



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