Visitors  At The Mine


 Some of the visitors to the Phoenix Mine


The Phoenix Mine has had visitors from all over the United  States, and all over the World.


The Phoenix Mine has hosted a group of high level Bishops and Cardinals from the Vatican in Rome, who in turn sent 30 Nuns from Cadonia Italy to visit the mine. These nuns came because they were following in the footsteps of those who had gone before them. Long ago, the nuns in Cadonia Italy were trying to raise money to build an orphanage for the children of Colorado miners who had been killed working in the mines. The nuns could not raise enough money so they worked alongside the miners  in order to raise the necessary money. The Vatican sent these modern day nuns to see what their predecessors had experienced. On request of the Vatican, Al Mosch (one of the owners) put them to work.

 Comments from some of our Visitors:


 "To Al, who combines the dedication & grit of the  professional miner with the enthusiasm & scholarship of the teacher  to give us a true appreciation of gold mining." Vaughn I., Pittsburgh, PA.

"One of the most fascinating experiences on this holiday. Al's knowledge was incredible and his wit and humor charming. Would love to come again someday in the future with my own family. Thanks again.!" Sue W., Peter & Chris, West Sussex, England.

"You are a second Will Rogers!" Grandma & Grandpa E., Oklahoma.

"We struck it rich! Thank you, Al, you're a fascinating and delightful gentleman." Daryl B., Managing Editor, Canyon City, CO. newspaper.

"Interesting in the mine, but the chap who owns it is a born orator, really enjoyed listening to him." Henry B. Aryman Bay, Australia.

"This tour has something most tours lack, the human side of mining. Al captures such an exciting spirit when he give his tours. The history, mixed with personal anecdotes, and the mining technology he gives on the tour allow you to see the real ups and downs of a time almost lost.  Thank God we have Al, who is willing to commit his time to sharing  this, also the opportunity to see a working mine close up was for me an extension of my geologic education I could never get in school!" Royal T., Staff Geologist, Mobil Oil, Houston Texas.

"My name is Robert R., I go to West Middle School at Aurora Colorado. I think your mine is real neat. I think you should turn it into a museum so other people can  enjoy it as much as I have. Your a real nice man Al, thank you very much." Robert R., age 14.

"I am 9 years old and I think it was a great place for visiting." Megan W.

"We have been in mines before, but we have never had a tour 1/10 as good as this one, thank you Dave! You are great!! We are from Moses Lake Washingon." Barboris B.

"Here on business and exploring on the weekends. Glad we came up to  see this mine - it's fascinating to think how the minerals were formed & all that's  involved in finding them! This was a real tour! Lots of fun!! Joyce L.Z., Baltimore, MD.

"This is the nicest thing I seen in a long time. Thank you so much, I'm from Russia." Ids Deichar'ti.

"I love this tour. Is very interesting for me because we don't have gold mines in Spain." Mireu B., Spain

"Today I met a true 'Man of the West' - "Al Mosch" Ron C., Miami Florida.

"After our tour, we had a conversation with the owner, Mr. Mosch, for a very long time. Never have we been so caught and amused by a conversation. We discussed politics, justice, environmental and social issues, and even the meaning of life. Al Mosch is a  wise and respectable man. We will remember this." Ingemorit P. & Weiger W., Law Students, The Netherlands.

"It's great to hear the stories about the real people behind the mine -  Al is a great story teller. I enjoyed the couple of hours trememdously!" D.M. B. M.D., Monterey, California

"We have toured numerous mines throughout the United States and South America - By far one of the best" Katie S.

"As an ex-miner from Northern Quebec, I was most impressed by this Phoenix. May the end of the rainbow be no more than 80 feet away. Best of luck." Gilles DeCa., Syosset N. Quebec, Canada.


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